Outdoor Target Archery

Target Rounds

Target archery events are called rounds and these consist of a number of ends at different distances.

Either 6 or 3 arrows are shooting each end and there is a specific number of ends for each distance.

There can be up to 4 distances shot for a round.  A round may also see different target face sizes used at different distances

For a list of Target Rounds shot in Australia.

Target Faces

Although there are a variety of target faces, styles and sizes, outdoor target archery uses coloured targets which are either 122cm or 80cm in diameter.

The target face is attached to the target butts with the centre usually 130cm above the ground. The target butt is also angled back about 10 degrees off vertical.

Target faces are divided into 5 colours: Gold, Red, Blue, Black and White. Each colour is divided into half by a thin line to give ten scoring zones. The scoring values for each colour from the centre out are - 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.

The 10 zone has an additional ring called the X Ring; arrows in the ring still score 10 points but the score is written on the scorecard with an X. The Xs are used to break ties in all events except for Match Play, where ties are only broken after having a single arrow shoot out.

If an arrow misses the scoring zones it is recorded on the scorecard with an M which indicates a miss.