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COVID 19 Update 27/5/2020

We are currently using Return to Play Plan Stage 1 ( which will be emailed to all financial members )
this plan is in effect until midnight on the 31st of May 2020.
as from the 1st of June the below Return to Play Policy Stage 1.1 will take effect  until further directions are given by AA & AV

Please be advised that 10 people is the maximum until May 31st, from 1st June, 20 people is the allowed maximum
The purpose of this document is to ensure Yering District Archers has measures and procedures in place to allow the reinstatement of archery activities, in accordance with Victorian Government further easing of restrictions with  COVID19 guidelines.
Yering District Archers have revised the Return to Play Plan in accordance with Archery Victoria’s Advice issued on 27.05.2020, and propose the following with Archery Victoria’s Approval. 
There will be allotted times for people to electronically book to shoot.  Online booking details as follows

Morning Session 8:00am - 10:30am                        

Midday Session10:45am – 1:15pm                           

Afternoon Session 1:30pm – 4:00pm    

          *******15 mins change over time**********       please be courteous of others         

Please book through Archers Diary    Click on  "event registration"

   Country Australia

   RGB: Victoria

   Club: Yering District Archers

   Choose you date and time, input you details

If you are a carer, parent or spectator please let us know as you will also need to be booked in as one of the 10 or 20 allowed on the field 

Return to Play Plan Stage 1.1       takes effect from 1st June 2020
Rev A – 27th May 2020

1. Only 20 people are allowed on the club grounds at any one time, this includes non-shooting attendees. Members who are accompanied by a parent/guardian/carer must also book your attendance.

2. These sessions will be available Saturday, Sunday, Mondays & Friday. No shooting allowed outside of the session times. Club grounds will be closed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

3. The times set are non-negotiable, do not arrive early as the starting time is the time you can enter the club grounds and you are expected to be off the grounds at the completion of the booked session.

4. You cannot just turn up and shoot, you must book electronically, using Archers Diary.

5. Persons are only allowed to book one session per day.

6. Only Yering District Archers Members are allowed to shoot, no visitors from other clubs.

7. It is recommended that family members living together shoot in the same session.

8. Attendees must maintain a 1.5m distancing at all times. No shaking of hands or hugging.

9. Only one person can be in the portable clubroom at the one time to obtain target face or scoresheet. 

10. Only one archer per target butt. However, members from the same household and have been cohabitating during the period of isolation may share a target and don’t need to have 1.5m between them.

11. There must be a clear lane between each target butt/archer (3.2meters), archers are to ensure the safety spacings card are adhered to if you are wanting to shoot independently.

12. Archers are to only remove there own arrows from the target.

13. Electronic Scoring of practice rounds is acceptable as long as it’s conducted within the booked time period.

14. The provision of hand soap, water and hand sanitiser will be available outside of the club Room and in every toilet.

15. Toilets will also have a spray sanitiser and the expectation is that any member/participant that uses the toilet must clean and sanitise after use, the toilets will also be cleaned/sanitised separately by volunteers on a weekly basis.

16. Signage of hand cleaning and sanitising are placed in the toilets club room and will be emailed to all financial members.

17. Archers are to sanitise / wash their hands prior to opening clubroom lock, target faces and moving target frames, and rewash / sanitise when completed and ready to shoot.

18. Setup and pack up of equipment to be done at your car.

19. Archers are to clean / sanitise their bow handles/risers, and equipment that is regularly used, before and after use.

20. No sharing of archery equipment, this includes drink bottles, food, etc.

21. Please supply your own food and drink as the kitchen/BBQ will not be open.
22. Yering District Archers Come N Try sessions will remain closed until advised by Archery Australia and or Archery Victoria.

23. If maintenance is required this will be undertaken during the quieter/closed days and all health guidelines must be adhered to by those attending. Participants partaking in maintenance must notify the committee before works can commence. 

Yering District Archers recommends that all club members download/install the COVID19 app before attending the club, this includes parents and other participants.
If you, or someone you have been in close contact with, has been overseas in the last 2 weeks, please do not attend or shoot at your club (or any other club) for 14 days. 
If you have any flu like symptoms or have had any in the last 2 weeks, please do not attend your club (or any other club) for 14 days. 
If you begin exhibiting flu like symptoms whilst at a club please leave immediately and advise club committee as soon as possible. 
Yering District Archers Committee will continue to monitor the situation closely and adjust the Return to Play Plan accordingly. Stage 2 Return to Play Plan will be issued before the 19th June.

Thanks for your understanding

YDA Committee

Membership with Yering District Archers Inc has benefits and privileges that beginners, visitors and temporary members do not have.

Some of the benefits include:
* Full access to facilities all day every day (with own equipment).
* Access to facilities and club equipment when a coach is at the grounds.
* Eligibility to compete in competitions. 
* Eligibility to hold a Victorian and Australian ranking. 
* Includes Membership with Archery Victoria and Archery Australia.


  Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Beginners Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed 10am - 11am
Club Members Open Open Open Open Open Open Open


Membership also gives the individual access to many opportunities and support Australia wide including coaching, qualifying and ranking, insurance and much more! 

Joining and renewing:

To join the team at Yering District Archers or to renew your membership, please make an online payment via the Archery Australia webpage. Joining or renewing your membership directly online is the simplest and cheapest option. There is no need for any paper forms.

Click on the blue button below and follow the prompts.
There are ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ retrieval links available for renewing members. Please also take this opportunity to update your personal details.

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Direct credit payments can be made to:

Yering District Archers Inc

Please send a confirmation email regarding your completed online payment.

Or if  you have any queries in relation to your payment or login issues can be directed to: