Members Information

COVID 19 Update 10/12 /2020

We are currently using Return to Play Plan Rev A – 1st Dec 2020

Return to Play Policy Stage Rev A – 1st Dec 2020 will take effect  until further directions are given by AA & AV

The purpose of this document is to ensure Yering District Archers has measures and procedures in place to allow the reinstatement of archery activities, in accordance with Victorian Government easing restrictions with COVID19 guidelines.

Yering District Archers have revised the Return to Play Plan in accordance with Archery Victoria’s Advice issued on 25.11.2020

Members and parents / guardian/carers are to electronically book through Tidy HQ as a ticket event that will be published online to all members. Correct details including AA number must be supplied when booking.

Open Hours:


Public Come n Try Sessions
                                                           • Session 1 - 9:00am – 10:00am
                                                           • Session 2 - 10:30am – 11:30am

• Limited to 5 bays 7:00am - 12:00 (Bay 13, 14, 15, 16, 17)
• Range fully open from 12:00pm to Sunset

Sunday - 7:00am to sunset
Monday - 7:00am to sunset
Tuesday - 7:00am to sunset
Wednesday - 4:00pm to sunset
Thursday - 4:00pm to sunset
Friday - 7:00am to sunset

*Members please be aware that the main airport gate may not be open at 7am and may get locked after 6pm*

No shooting allowed outside of the nominated days. Club grounds will be partially closed Wednesday and Thursday for maintenance. YDA Committee has the discretion to change allocated times and or days opened, if changes are made sufficient notification will be issued to all current members.

1. Density quotients for Yering District Archers is 150 attendees where we can run alternative groups with a patron cap of 50 per group. Members who are accompanied by a parent/guardian/carer must also book your attendance and will be included in the patron cap of 50. If two groups are being held at the same time a minimum of 10m between groups is required

2. In addition to the density and group patron cap, we can have the minimum number of people present to run the activity, they are not counted in the patron cap. If that person/persons decide to shoot they then become a part of the patron cap and must have acquired a register ticket for the day. If the session is full, they cannot join in.

3. Volunteers that are present to help/assist with the operations of organised activities must register in the Volunteer register (in white folder) providing their name, date and time of entry to club grounds, contact number, tasks undertaken and time leaving grounds. QR code registration process maybe used at a later date.

4. Coaches may conduct training/activities, a 1.5m distance should be maintained, if this cannot be achieved masks must be worn. It may be necessary for coaches to use touch as part of their coaching requirements. This should be minimised at all times and should only be done with the permission of the athlete and or 3 parent/guardian/carer. Coaches are not counted in the patron cap of 50 and must register on the coaches register in the white folder. QR code registration process may be used at a later date.

5. Members cannot just turn up and shoot, but must book electronically, through TIDY HQ

6. Masks must be worn if a spacing of 1.5m cannot be achieved outside, members/participants must carry a mask with them at all times, if a person enters the club room or containers masks must be worn, we kindly ask members to bring their own personal mask.

7. Density cap for indoor areas are: - Club room = 3 persons - Club office =1 person - Equipment container = 1 person - Maintenance container = 1 person - Kitchen/storage container = 1 person

8. Attendees must maintain a 1.5m distancing at all times. No physical contact, other than in an emergency, between any archers or any other persons within the club grounds, including carpark. If 1.5m can be maintained archers can share a target buttress and target face, it is still recommended that archers retrieve their own arrows.

9. Archers are to ensure the safety spacings card are adhered to if you are wanting to shoot independently.

10. The club has soap, water and hand sanitiser available, located at the undercover area, water tank and in every toilet. Members are to supply their own sunscreen.

11. Toilets will also have a spray sanitiser and the expectation is that any member/participant that uses the toilet must clean and sanitise after use, the toilets will also be cleaned/sanitised separately by volunteers on a regular basis. The committee will not hesitate to close these facilities if they are not kept clean!

12. Archers are to sanitise/wash their hands prior to collecting target faces and moving target frames, and recommended to rewash/sanitise when completed and ready to shoot.

13. It is recommended to setup and pack up your personal archery equipment at your car.

14. Archers are to clean/sanitise their bow handles/risers, and equipment that is regularly used, before and after use. Sanitiser and wipes are available but is recommended that archers provide their own. If cleaning your equipment please take care as some products may affect its surface finish. Sharing of equipment should be minimised and, if used, must be cleaned between each user.

15. No sharing of drink bottles, food, etc. Please supply your own food and drink as the kitchen/BBQ will not be open at this stage.

16. If maintenance is required this will be undertaken during the quieter/closed days and all health guidelines must be adhered to by those attending. Participants partaking in maintenance must notify the committee before works can commence. Patron caps apply.

17. Volunteers conducting maintenance must fill out the maintenance register providing their name, date and time of entry to club grounds, contact number, tasks undertaken and time leaving grounds.

18. Signage will be displayed at the entry and at strategic points advertising the Patron Caps, COVID Safe environment, hygiene, and physical distancing requirements.

4 Public Come n Try Sessions

a. Booking system is through Tidy HQ, only electronic payments accepted, we are to avoid cash transactions at this stage. Persons requiring a parent/carer/guardian will need to include their full name and contact details in the Ticket when registering. Only one career/parent/guardian can attend. Walk in’s will not be allowed.

b. Saturday Mornings will see 2 x Come n Try Groups as per the above times with a ticket limit of 20 participants, and allows the attendance for Parents/guardians/carers, meeting the patron cap requirements shown in item 1.

c. 10 shooting bays will be used allowing 2 participants per target buttress ensuring they are 1.5m apart, unless they are from the same residing household it can be a total of 4 participants.

d. Ground markings for shooting line, waiting line and stance positions are in place. 19. Coaches and volunteers are not a part of the patron cap; however, they do need to register in the white register book. QR code registration process may be used at a later date.

e. Coaches are to wash and disinfect their hands before starting to set up.

f. Coaches and volunteers are to start setup approximately 1 hour prior to the start of session 1.

g. The coaches/volunteers will require to disinfect bows, arrows and PPE prior the commencement and finish of both sessions.

h. Equipment used for session 1 will remain on the shooting line ready to receive disinfecting.

i. Participants must disinfect/wash their hands prior to receiving equipment.

j. Participants must wear a mask where they cannot archive a 1.5m distance between other persons.

k. If coaches are wanting to demonstrate with equipment, they will require their own allocated bow and arrows that has been sanitised.

l. Toilets to be cleaned/sanitised prior and after each Come n Try Session. m. Come n Try archers are to retrieve their own arrows, parents, guardians, carers may assist.

n. For participants 18 years or under, only 1 parent/guardian/care giver may be present should the participant require additional support.

o. No food or drinks will be sold at this stage

p. Come n Try participants should be off the club grounds quickly, recommended is 15mins.

q. When finished in equipment container, alarm must be on and locked, coaches/volunteers are to wash/disinfect hands.

r. YDA members cannot participate in the Come n Try sessions.

s. New members arising out of these sessions will go through the induction process and participate in activities/training arranged by club coaching coordinator / coaches / YDA committee, Induction session